Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Round and about our town.

Just some shots I’ve taken as I journeyed down to town this morning. Taken with my Nokia Lumia 800 on a glorious sunny day.

Sunlight through greenery

This scene caught my eye as the sun streamed through this foliage on my way down the hill to town.

Through the trees


Again, a couple of shots of the sun behind the trees as I walked past.

Shiny letterbox

I couldn’t resist a shot of this letterbox on this ornate gate belonging to a house I walked past.

The last boat

Chloe, the last boat

These two shots are of Chloe, who is still waiting for a buyer. She is the last boat built by the now sadly defunct Sagar Marine who were narrow boat builders in our town.


In fact, the whole marina seemed rather quiet today. Perhaps everyone has gone sailing up the canal to pastures new.

Up the hill

Different shades of green

The sun created shadow patterns on the road, and I was struck by the different shades of green in this garden as the sun shone on them.

Through the trees

A canopy

Sunlight streaming in as I try to capture the distance through the trees and also a shot of them forming a sort of canopy over the road.


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