Friday, August 24, 2012

A Funfair in the Park

We currently have a very small funfair in our park, situated in the back football field behind the flower beds. As we had some time to spare this morning on our way to Tesco’s,  I thought I’d take the opportunity to take some shots of the stalls and rides as we passed. I also took some shots of our flower beds, which although I’m never keen on the cultivated flower bed appearance, much preferring the haphazard sight of wild flowers, I thought I’d put my Nokia 800’s camera through its paces to check the colours.

Flower beds on display

First shot is taken with the flower beds in the foreground and the Funfair visible in the background.

raindrop covered roses

These peachy coloured roses caught my eye, covered in raindrops.

Having a rest

My only model is always willing to pose, here looking thoughtful on one of the park benches which are strategically placed around the flowerbeds, mainly so that residents can wile away the time when the weather is kind.

love this colour

Another shot of some peachy coloured roses covered in raindrops.

Funfair in the Park

I liked the colourful fencing placed around this ride.

Memories for Kerri

She has such a good memory, that she can remember her and her brother riding in some teacups like this when they were children.

Fun House

Not much fun with no one inside it!

Helter Skelter

They even have a smallish Helter Skelter.


I have some bad memories of riding on the Walzer, as it was called in my younger days. Feeling sick being one of them.

Park waterfall

It’s not really a waterfall as such, but a pleasant sight all the same.

posing on the bridge

My model makes a last pose on the wooden bridge.

Hope that you’ve all enjoyed a small glimpse of our park as we journeyed through it this morning on our way to do some shopping.


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