Monday, April 29, 2013

Some of my favourite photos

These new photos have been taken with my new Nokia Lumia 920. Enjoy!

Horses and Canal stitch

And here’s some more of my favourites.

Daffodils up close



Sunlight through the trees

White daffodils

ducks swimming in the canal


Hope that you’ve enjoyed my snaps, all taken with my Nokia Lumia 920 phone whilst walking about the vicinity.


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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Round and about our town.

Just some shots I’ve taken as I journeyed down to town this morning. Taken with my Nokia Lumia 800 on a glorious sunny day.

Sunlight through greenery

This scene caught my eye as the sun streamed through this foliage on my way down the hill to town.

Through the trees


Again, a couple of shots of the sun behind the trees as I walked past.

Shiny letterbox

I couldn’t resist a shot of this letterbox on this ornate gate belonging to a house I walked past.

The last boat

Chloe, the last boat

These two shots are of Chloe, who is still waiting for a buyer. She is the last boat built by the now sadly defunct Sagar Marine who were narrow boat builders in our town.


In fact, the whole marina seemed rather quiet today. Perhaps everyone has gone sailing up the canal to pastures new.

Up the hill

Different shades of green

The sun created shadow patterns on the road, and I was struck by the different shades of green in this garden as the sun shone on them.

Through the trees

A canopy

Sunlight streaming in as I try to capture the distance through the trees and also a shot of them forming a sort of canopy over the road.


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Friday, August 24, 2012

A Funfair in the Park

We currently have a very small funfair in our park, situated in the back football field behind the flower beds. As we had some time to spare this morning on our way to Tesco’s,  I thought I’d take the opportunity to take some shots of the stalls and rides as we passed. I also took some shots of our flower beds, which although I’m never keen on the cultivated flower bed appearance, much preferring the haphazard sight of wild flowers, I thought I’d put my Nokia 800’s camera through its paces to check the colours.

Flower beds on display

First shot is taken with the flower beds in the foreground and the Funfair visible in the background.

raindrop covered roses

These peachy coloured roses caught my eye, covered in raindrops.

Having a rest

My only model is always willing to pose, here looking thoughtful on one of the park benches which are strategically placed around the flowerbeds, mainly so that residents can wile away the time when the weather is kind.

love this colour

Another shot of some peachy coloured roses covered in raindrops.

Funfair in the Park

I liked the colourful fencing placed around this ride.

Memories for Kerri

She has such a good memory, that she can remember her and her brother riding in some teacups like this when they were children.

Fun House

Not much fun with no one inside it!

Helter Skelter

They even have a smallish Helter Skelter.


I have some bad memories of riding on the Walzer, as it was called in my younger days. Feeling sick being one of them.

Park waterfall

It’s not really a waterfall as such, but a pleasant sight all the same.

posing on the bridge

My model makes a last pose on the wooden bridge.

Hope that you’ve all enjoyed a small glimpse of our park as we journeyed through it this morning on our way to do some shopping.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

One more walk along the canal.

Between a fairly busy schedule of hospital visits this week, both on my own account and to visit my sister, we managed to join Heartbeat on a walk this Saturday along the canal at Mirfield. We’ve done this walk many times before and its always enjoyable, especially if the weather is kind.

Colourful ties

Setting off at a brisk pace along the towpath, I was struck by these very colourful ropes used to tie this narrowboat up to its moorings.

Reflections on the Canal

Across the canal, I spied this willow tree lowering itself into the water, causing some really nice reflections.

A lone horse

As we passed, we spied this well kept horse grazing alone in a field. It probably belongs to the house you can spy behind the field.

Lockkeepers Cottage

Eventually arriving at the Lock and this lovely little Lockkeepers cottage which appears to be lived in and well looked after. I loved the bright orange lifebuoy propped up against the wall outside.

Wild roses

There are usually flowers growing along the canal banks or at the side of the towpath, and this stretch of the canal is no exception.

Purple thistle and white

Here are some more wildflowers displaying lot’s of different colours, even the thistles.

The Canal in shade

This shot shows our return journey. I took it because of the patterns that were created across the towpath by the trees and the reflections in the water.

Old railway bridge

Further along the towpath, you arrive at this wall at either side of the canal, which apparently was a bridge for a railway years ago, but is now overgrown with fauna.

Travelling up the canal

Amazingly enough, this was the only narrowboat we saw all day actually moving down the canal. We all gave a cheery greeting as usual.

From the bridge

Here’s my last shot of the canal at Mirfield as we all made our way over the bridge to the car park for our lunch. It’s amazing to think that what has now become a place for recreational boating and yes, in some instances a home, was once the backbone of our industrial transport.


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Friday, July 20, 2012

Snaps from my Phone.

There’s a saying amongst many online photographers. The best camera is the one you have with you, and these shots prove that saying true. I am also finding that I am getting better at taking shots with the camera in my Nokia phone. On our way to have an x-ray done yesterday at the hospital, I took the opportunity to try and illustrate various fauna and flowers after the rain. I did have to keep stopping of course to take each shot, but I didn’t take my time. Hope you enjoy them all.

After the rain

This is taken over the wall of some wet fauna growing in the old grounds of the ruined residential home that we pass on our way down to town.

Gold in the rain

Just a golden mass of flowers as we walked down the hill.

Some more gold

This is part of someone’s hedge at the bottom of the hill, and it has these very attractive gold and white flowers. Note the raindrops.

beautiful lavender

Across the road, this garden has a wonderful display of lavender and I love the colours.

raindrop covered pinks

I couldn’t resist taking a quick shot of these pink flowers covered in raindrops. They look to be bowing their heads.

purple beauty

Just outside the hospital car park is this gorgeous display of mauve and purple, so I took two shots of these. Not entirely in focus, but a lot depends on where you tap the screen on the Nokia.

Close up Mauve

And here’s my other capture of their beauty. They are very close to a busy road junction, and you can just see one of the bollards at the top right.

raindrops amongst the flowers

These golden beauty’s were growing at the side of the road as we walked into town.

enchanting pinks

As I took this shot of these beautiful roses peeking out from the hedge of a garden, the owner came out to see what I was doing!

Prince Albert atop his horse

This statue is of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s escort. It’s actually a teal colour but I decided to give it the black and white treatment.

old coal grate

This ornate coal grate caught my eye as we neared town. I might do a blog post soon on this very subject. There were actually two of them, both identical.

That’s all for now folks and keep snapping!