Sunday, July 15, 2012

A walk through Spooky Woods.

I joined Heartbeat for a walk yesterday around Manor Heath park which took in  a walk through that wood containing all the knurled trees and that I tend to refer to as Spooky woods.  Firstly I took a panoramic shot of the surrounding countryside as viewed from the top.

Yorkshire views stitch

Taking this shot took quite a while as I had to pan around the vast vista, and by the time I had finished, everyone else was in the distance. I had to hurry in order to catch up.


It’s one of the things that I love about Yorkshire. That you can stand atop a hill and see for miles and miles and miles. As you can see, the rain stayed away!


This small wood is really eerie. The trees are all knurled and twisted. At the left hand side you can see the dry stone wall which helps to contain the steep banks contents above.

SAM_0135 SAM_0136

I’m not sure what sort of trees they are, or why they seem to find difficulty in growing straight. It all reminds me of the Sleepy Hollow film and the headless horseman.


The dry stone wall is eventually replaced by large rocks and foliage. Thankfully the path we walked along was mostly dry.


Rising above the path and often used by rock climbers for practice, are these rock formations. One of the members was relating the tale of an old hermit who used to actually live inside one of the very small caves formed in between the rocks, though whether his tale was true or not remains to be seen.

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